Interpoint (CH) is the delegated authority for registering domain names in the .CG top-level domain. On this site, the delegated authority is referred as DNSAfrica (hereunder also referred as "we", "us" or "our").

DNSAfrica has established the following policy that constitutes the terms and conditions for using our services. Our current online conditions supersede any other conditions, including your own conditions.


Important : If you don't accept our policy, disclaimers and terms and conditions of use (anymore), that may vary from time to time, you must notify us and stop using any of our services immediately and you cannot register/maintain a domain name in the .CG top-level domain.


The domain name space is served on a first in first out basis. DNSAfrica has a liberal policy about domain name. DNSAfrica does its best to ensure that the top-level domain is run for the best interest of the country and the internet.

For the last 25 years, DNSAfrica has maintained contacts with different local companies and authorities, and up to date, has avoided litigations. DNSAfrica is open to suggestions and guidelines that local authorities and companies are willing to see implemented. Until today, it has been run in a fair and non-partisan basis. The particularity is that DNSAfrica ensures that local citizens of the country are entitled to one free domain name. This is unique on the internet.

The domains are registered just under the top level domain code .CG. Registering domains under CO.CG or COM.CG has to be referred to DNSAfrica. In that case, the applicant will receive instructions about how to register that domain. No automated whois is available for these subdomains.

Domains must be used following internet best practices and ICANN guidelines.

Foreign entities (individuals, companies, organizations, ...) may register domains in .CG. The policy of DNSAfrica is to charge these entities with sizeable fees in order to compensate free registration for local citizens.

The foreign entities must provide a full whois contact record (admin/billing), but are not obliged to keep a DNS or the admin contact in the country. Except those qualified by DNSAfrica as restricted or undesirable, any domain name may be assigned to these entities. 


Restricted domain name

Restricted domain name is defined as : 

  • a domain under gov net edu ac com co int mil gouv or similar official domains
  • any other domain name related to politics, government or public company

Contact DNSAfrica if you want to create such a domain. Note however that it will be assigned only if sponsored by an official authority.

A restricted domain name will be deleted immediately and without compensation, at the rightful owner's request, or once DNSAfrica has discovered its real nature. DNSAfrica's mission is not to police proactively the domain names, but it will consider any information that may determine the restricted nature of a domain name.


Undesirable domain name

Undesirable domain name is defined as :

  • being vulgar, offensive, illegal, misleading or deceiving people or being inappropriate
  • used for fraudulent or criminal activity, phishing, spamming, and creating dysfunctions on the internet
  • used as generic reference such as bank nom art ... or any other reference with the intention of misleading the internet community about the real nature of the activity
  • used by foreign entities posing as local entities for obtaining some advantages
  • used for posing as well-known brands/trademarks or public figures, without the consent of the owner of those brands/trademark or public figures (cybersquatting)
  • contravening internet best practices

An undesirable domain name will be deleted immediately and without compensation, at the rightful owner's request, or once DNSAfrica has discovered its real nature. DNSAfrica's mission is not to police proactively the domain names, but it will consider any information that may determine the undesirable nature of a domain name. 

In case the domain is deleted on the request of local authorities or courts, the domain is immediately deleted and the sub-delegated entity is requested to settle the issue directly with the relevant local authorities or courts. Our responsibility and our intervention are completely excluded.


Length of domain names

The domain name should have a minimum of three characters. Applications for one or two characters domain may be considered, with an initial/recurring surcharge, with prior arrangement with DNSAfrica.


Delegation is not ownership nor property

There is no notion of property/ownership as far as a domain name is concerned. It is rather to be seen as a sub-delegation, and the sub-delegated entity is supposed to manage it in compliance with the RFC's and with the usual rules applicable to such a sub-delegation. Reselling of the domain is a matter that DNSAfrica does not handle directly. It is a private agreement between two parties, and we only provide tools for changing admin/billing contact whois.

DNSAfrica will do its best to ensure that second-level domains are run in a fair way. DNSAfrica may delete a domain name without compensation, should the domain be run in an inappropriate manner or become restricted or undesirable. 


Duties of DNSAfrica

As rendered service for domain creation, DNSAfrica installs the requested domain in the database of the DNS server run on IP address and the NS records will be pointed to the DNS servers you specify on the form. This is the only service and duty rendered. It does not include a sale of the domain name as there is no notion of property on a domain.

DNSAfrica manages this service on a "best effort" basis in order to keep this DNS pointer, the delegation and the DNS running, but shall by no means bear any responsibility for any disruption of service as it may occur from time to time on the internet, or disruption of delegation.


Duties of registrants, admin/billing contacts

By using a registration form or making use of a domain, or by using this website, the user agrees to look up regularly at all the present and future policies, disclaimers, terms and conditions of DNSAfrica, as they may vary from time to time, and comply with them. Litigation will only be solved through a legal procedure in a competent tribunal (see Applicable law hereunder). No foreign court has jurisdiction. Arbitral solution may however be accepted at DNSAfrica sole discretion via an established Intellectual Property Arbitrator. Should DNSAfrica decide to send the matter through the competent tribunal, there will be no alternative. If you don't accept our policy, disclaimers and terms and conditions of use that may vary from time to time, or if you are dissatisfied by our services, you must notify us and stop using any of our services immediately and you cannot register/maintain a domain name in the .CG top-level domain anymore.

Any breach with our policy entitles DNSAfrica to jeopardize, suspend or delete all other domains you are/become an admin and/or billing contact for. DNSAfrica has the right to rectify any information in the whois database that we find being incorrect, irrelevant or misleading. DNSAfrica can also delete or suspend any domain that the registrant does not keep according to our policy, and without compensation.

When you are/become an admin and/or billing contact of a domain registered with us, you are also responsible for all other domain(s) for which you also appear as admin/billing contact. You have the responsibility to maintain all your domains according to these Terms and conditions.

Particularly, you must make sure that whois data is maintained accurately for all your domains, and that all your domains are renewed before expiry date. Failure to do so for one domain can have extended consequences on your other domains. Contact us immediately should you wish to relinquish responsibility on (some of) your domains in order to avoid jeopardy, suspension or deletion of all your domains in case of problems with some of them.

For each DNS server you specify as authoritative, you must have a DNS server up and running which is compliant with current RFC's and which is responding to domain name requests for your domain. We can delete a domain that does not resolve properly on your servers. 

If you don't make any use of your domain, i.a. if it does not provide for DNS resolution after a grace period for which we ask you to comply with DNS resolution, and/or if you do not give us notice that you want to keep the domain as dormant, we may delete the said domain.

Registering a domain and not paying it in due time, or not paying renewal of a domain before or on expiry date and let it lapse because of non-payment is not an acceptable procedure. You must inform us that you want the domain to lapse before it expires. Such a lapsed domain may be deleted or blacklisted for re-registration at our discretion.  


Full change of registrant

Full change of registrant (i.e. change of both admin/billing whois contacts) can be made by via the modification procedure of the Whois admin/billing contacts. The domains is therefore transferred into a new registrant that is legally different from the previous registrant. This full change goes beyond a simple modification of whois details (e.g. change of billing contact is a simple modification).

This particular change can only be done with a letter of authorization from the main company's headquarters (with letterhead, signature and stamps). For security purposes, DNSAfrica can require additional documents or procedures. We may need to use alternate manual ways for identifying your requests as legitimate, with methods that we deem fit. 


Validity of e-mails and tickets exchanges

Any notification, ticket, document, invoice, reminder, ... e-mailed by us to the current whois contacts will be deemed as fully accepted 48 hours after its issuance and mailing. If you oppose any notification, document, invoice, reminder, whois, ... you need to notify us immediately after it has been emailed or issued. Otherwise you accept its content.

The invoicing is per e-mail only. DNSAfrica sends yearly invoices to the billing contact e-mail address a few months before the anniversary date of the domain creation with multiple subsequent reminders. There is no reminder sent after expiry. 

New customers must first sign up for a support account in order to use our services. We use ZenDesk support system. You must maintain your support account on our ZenDesk platform always accurate and secure it with a password.

If you receive an e-mail/ticket notification from our support system indicating that you have logged a new ticket whereas you have not (e.g. suspicion of hacking on your e-mail, ...), reply immediately to the ticket and inform us that the request is not legitimate, as it may have serious consequences on the management of your domain names. We are not responsible for any security breach on the ZenDesk platform that you use at your own risk.

We can also accept to identify your requests as legitimate when they are originating from the e-mail addresses that you indicated as admin/billing contacts when creating and modifying domains and that we keep on record in our whois database. We are not responsible if your mailbox has been tampered with or in case of a fraudulent use. Should the e-mail addresses in our whois database be no longer available, we need to use alternate manual ways for identifying your requests as legitimate, with methods that we deem fit. We strongly advise existing customers to sign up for a verified support account for additional security measures.

Our correspondence, mailing, ticketing, invoicing, whois, e-mail exchanges, ... are strictly private, confidential and privileged between us and our customer. No public posting is allowed. 

Your mail servers must be configured so that our tickets and mails are not classified as spam and reach the right person. It is your sole responsibility if you do not reply to our e-mails, tickets or requests immediately or if you do not receive them. If you do not answer our mails, tickets and invoices, your domains can expire or dysfunction. We also always ask for your confirmation when you request action on domains. Hence you should take all the necessary steps so that anti-spam or anti-virus do not block them and also check the DNS and Mail server settings so that they accept e-mails originating from our office. Note that our e-mails are in HTML format and can include forms. Tickets originate from ZenDesk servers.

You accept these steps taken by us for identification purposes as being of appropriate security levels and standards.


Processing fees

A full change of registrant attracts renewal payment of minimum one year fee, should the domain expire in less than a year.

The occasional simple modification of whois contacts and/or max. two DNS servers of one domain (that is not a full change of registrant) is processed free of charge.

However if any request encompasses a large bulk of modifications for multiple domains or or goes beyond occasional and simple modifications (e.g. billing details of more than one domain, request for list of all domains currently under registrant management, ill-timed repetitive or conflicting requests, ...), it may require the intervention of our engineers on our database. Costs will be charged on a per hour basis.

Restoring an expired or blocked domain or releasing it for public re-registration is at our sole discretion. Reinstatement will attract a fee in the amount of EUR 100.

Any manual identification needed for ascertaining that a request is legitimate will attract a fee in the amount of EUR 100. 


Communication on payment

When you pay our invoices, you must use the reference or communication fields as provided by banks, in order to indicate on the transfer the domains you pay for. If that is not possible, you will e-mail us the list of domains you paid for, with the number of years paid, all together with your payment. 

Any payment not accompanied by reference to paid domains will be held in a separate account and domain(s) will not be created/renewed. DNSAfrica will not try to trace back the payment origin, and without proper identification from the payer, this amount will stay unassigned to any domain. Domain will then be deleted without compensation at the end of the reprieve period following the last notice and DNSAfrica wont be liable for any refund.

It is the registrant's responsibility to notify DNSAfrica about the assignment of the payment, and once this payment has been reassigned, domain will be restored until its next renewal date. During the time the domain is suspended, DNSAfrica owes no compensation.

Should the registrant pay for multiple domains in one payment, an e-mail will be sent to DNSAfrica, stating the total amount paid and the list of the domains names (not invoice number) paid for with the corresponding amount for each domain. Otherwise DNSAfrica will keep the the domain on hold until  a clear information about payments is provided, or DNSAfrica will assign the payment as it may deem fit, following the informations on bank transfer, without prejudice. 



Resellers have no contractual status with DNSAfrica and are normally not eligible for rebates. However, for an important bulk of registration, you can contact DNSAfrica.


Compensation and liquidated damages

No compensation is due when a domain is used against this policy or in instances listed in these Terms and conditions, and subsequently deleted, or if the request originates from local authorities or courts.

DNSAfrica never reimburses payments with one exception for credit card payments, being in case of fraud duly reported to the police. Any outstanding amount may be assigned to other domains.

You accept that our entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, with respect to any provided DNSAfrica service(s) and/or for any breach and assigns is solely limited to the amount of 10 Euros per year. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages; if it is the case, you are not allowed to use the present DNSAfrica services. Should you use our services however without informing us about this, the service will be deemed to have been rendered in our country and we will have no liability with you, and we will be legally not bound to this unauthorized use. 


Legal responsibility

Any consequences of the use of a domain name and its contents (web sites, mails, or any other FQDN that ends with the registered domain name), including civil, commercial and criminal consequences, are borne exclusively by the domain registrant's admin and/or billing contact. 


Applicable law

Any dispute of any nature whatsoever related to, resulting from, or originating from the the use of this site and the related domain registration and usage, will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Lausanne, Switzerland. The Swiss (CH) law is applicable. Any other jurisdiction is excluded.


Please also read our disclaimers.